I read Shinichi Nakazawa’s “Mozart of Tibet”. It was a very difficult book for me to read, as I lack the background in philosophy that the book requires. However, the author’s reflections based on his experience of “poa” training in Tibet and his exploration of the similarities with Carlos Castaneda’s “Don Juan” series (which I discovered in our barn during a major spring cleaning I did around the spring of 2021 and have yet to read), as well as his experiences of taking hallucinogens or moving from trance states into deeper realities such as a labyrinth or a vast sky-like reality that I, as someone who has not experienced it, can only describe as a multifaceted and seemingly disordered reality where one seems to jump from one strange dream to another, are all fascinating.

In addition, there are stories of a person called the “Wind Walker” (or something like that) who runs through the desert at incredible speeds, which cannot help but evoke a sense of romance. Although I can only give vague impressions of this difficult book, I feel that I may have misunderstood it in some way, but had I read it before my last trip, I might have made more effort to understand it and explore its deeper aspects.

Next time, I will write my thoughts on book before too much time has passed.