Indian movie is an aerial kill

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Recently I watched an Indian movie called RRR.
It was the first time I saw an Indian movie on the screen.
This movie is a hot topic in Japan, and it seems to be very popular, as people on social networking sites are dancing in one scene of the movie. I went to the theater with high expectations since the movie was being shown in a theater in this rural area. I bought a ticket, the usual popcorn, and took my seat. The seats were empty and only one-fifth of the seats seemed to be occupied. Still, it felt good to be in a movie theater for the first time in a long time. However, I was a little worried that people might leave the theater during the three-hour movie, and the movie started after the usual number of useless commercials.
The two main characters in the movie are superhumanly strong, and Rama, who is about to shoot an arrow out of the fire in the picture, is literally superimposed on Rama, the hero of the Indian epic “Ramayana,” and in the movie he plays the role of Prince Rama and crushes his enemies. (Which god is the other hero?). The scene where he appeared as Rama was cool and impressive. The CG animals were too CG.
The popcorn was half caramel and half salt, which made the movie more enjoyable.


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Is it still better to watch Indian movies in India?